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Do you want to give your business the best possible chance to succeed?

There is a quote by Marc Anthony that states that ‘If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life’ – how amazing that would be!

However, there is so much more involved in creating a financially successful business than just having an awesome business idea and a ton of enthusiasm – no one sees the hours, weeks or even years of dedication before you become an ‘overnight success’.  You need to be prepared for a steep learning curve – and in areas of your business that aren’t even on your radar yet!

  Only 20% of businesses succeed past their 1st birthday, and most fail due to poor cash flow planning, under estimating how much the ‘start up’ costs are and over estimating how quickly their product or services will sell!  Now I don’t want to discourage you, but rather encourage you to properly plan out how much you are going to need to cover your Personal expenses, Business costs and a Contingency fund for the coming year.  By knowing your numbers you will be able to decide where you need to invest in yourself with courses and self development and what areas you know you can afford to outsource….

Encouragingly, after the first year in business the survival rate increases and as your business grows you can recruit the staff that you need and outsource tasks, leaving you with the bits that you ‘love to do’!  

All about the Numbers...

Is a series of mini Personal and Business courses and templates that you can buy individually or bundle together, they come with regular email support that builds into a toolbox of the tasks you need to run a successful business and resources of where to find help when you need it!

All about you...

Is your Income erratic, or are you living on and financing your new Business from a Salary or Savings – if so then you need a Spending Plan.  Learn how to keep it Simple and keep it Going! – read more 

All about your business..

If you are not making any money, then you have a Hobby and not a Business – creating a Business Budget and Cashflow forecast is the next step and most importantly – you need to learn how to use them – read more

All about your Product or Service

Have you sat down and worked out exactly how much your Product or Service will cost, the price you plan to sell it at and how much you will need to sell to make a profit?  – read more

Hi, I’m Heather,

I’ve always been a Numbers Geek and a Weekend Adventurer, when I am not getting creative with numbers you will find me out Sea Kayaking, Hill Walking and Cycling in my native Scotland and beyond…

I help people navigate the world of Personal & Business finance – from creating Spending plans for the Solopreneur’s with erratic incomes to Costing & Pricing models for maximising Revenue

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