All about the numbers


The Courses and Support are designed to help you at the different stages of your business


Image – all about you

All about you…


The Spending Plan course has been created

Image – all about your business

All about your business…

At the end of this course, you will have created your Business budget and a Cashflow  plan for use throughout the year – which means that you can spend more time on your business and less time worrying about money. 


Image – all about your product

All about your product…


This course teaches you how to cost and price your product. Work out your breakeven and templates to work out how much you need to sell to reach your ‘profit’ goal

Selling around the world? – this course also includes a module in Costing and Pricing in different currencies 

Image – all about your Service

All about your Service…

A similar course as above but the focus is on a Service based business



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