#3 – What are you working on today?

In last weeks Blog we ‘chatted’ about the importance of prioritising

You’ve started a business because you have a passion for something that know people will use and enjoy, but few of us realise that there is so much more to running a Successful Business…

Marketing & Sales, Customer Service, managing Staff or outsourcing work, Financial Management & planning, goodness where do you start?

Creating a Business Financial Plan for the coming year let’s you see what funds you can allocate to any or all of the above tasks, or whether you are going to have to incorporate them into your day.

Unless you’ve got previous experience it’s easy to agree that you need an Accountant to file your tax returns etc. But there is so much more to finance than an Accountant that keeps your business on the right side of legal!

You can learn a-lot about your Business from some simple Financial Management tools used on a regular basis.  By analysing your Revenue and Costs you will be able to adjust your marketing and sales strategy to achieve your target Income Goal.



Let’s start together…


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I’ve always been a Numbers Geek and a Weekend Adventurer, when I am not getting creative with numbers you will find me out Sea Kayaking, Hill Walking and Cycling in my native Scotland and beyond…

I help people navigate the world of Personal & Business finance – from creating Spending plans for the Solopreneur’s with erratic incomes to Costing & Pricing models for maximising Revenue

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